Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Move Over Hybrids!!! TDI is Here!!!

That's right, the most fuel efficient car in North America is a diesel, not a hybrid. The record was set in 2008 (using the same TDI engine used in todays Jetta) over a 9,419 mile journey across the continental United States. Ready for the numbers? 58.82 mpg average!

This wasn't a downhill cruise with the wind to your back either, this was a test of real world driving conditions. The trip passed through New York, NY; Rutland, VT; Toledo, OH; Des Moines, IA; Spearfish, SD; Missoula, MT; Winnemucca, NV; Santa Monica, CA; Durango, CO; Oklahoma City, OK; Mount Vernon, IL; and Ponchatoula, LA; before finishing up 20 days later in Beckley, WV after using only 11.04 tanks of fuel!

At the current price of diesel, thats about 6.9 cents per mile! Oh, and did I mention the car MOVES?! 236 lb-ft of torque will launch you to your desired speed more quickly than the hybrids out there (and quite a few gasoline cars, too). Das Efficiency.

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