Friday, March 8, 2013

Fuel Sipping Record Breaker!!!

We all waited patiently to hear the numbers of VW's new hybrid Jetta before it was released. When VW claimed a combined fuel efficency of 45, we were happy. Then VW went further and announced that the car would still do 0-60 in just 9 seconds (in a hybrid?!), and we were VERY happy. Now this new Jetta has surpassed it's own goals by posting 49.9 mpg, and I'm the happiest I've been in a long time.

VW started it's first "Think Blue. Championship" this year, a rally spanning 402 miles from San Francisco to Santa Monica. Top drivers from all over the world flew in to try their hand at setting a new fuel efficiency record, and Frank Zauft of Germany took the prize. Over the course of the rally, Zauft experienced uphill and downhill situations, as well as both highway and city driving. The overall average of the vehicle clocked in at a massive 49.9 mpg, just shy of his 50 mpg goal. It may have been a tenth short, but it's the best out there and we'll take it ANY day. Congrats, Frank!

Frank Zauft and his Trophy

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